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Nov 5, 2013

Last Day!

Today will be the last day I’m 22. I can’t even really remember what I did this time last year haha. But I do know what I want for my 23rd year! Some of these plans are in motion, and some are still in the works.
My plan for the year to come:
– Concentrate on studying!
– Get my SAP Certificate!!!!!!
– Travel overseas with a group of friends
– Return from said overseas trip alive! XD
– Ski in New Zealand
– Get a completely permanent role from the graduate program
– Buy our own place, outright! (Hehe kidding, but get a place where we can enjoy spending time with each other =))
– Get another lens for my camera =D
– Consistently climb V4s and V5s
– Finish off a few TV shows
– Possibly get a car, depending on where we move to
– Finish off that project!

Late night nights,
Helen ♥

Apr 4, 2011


Sooo feeling like crap, one eye feels sensitive to the light, the other’s red, ATM wasn’t working, kept oversleeping, assignment due in 1 hour and 20mins, hungry, another assignment due tomorrow at 5pm (30ish hours from now), boobs sore, getting periods soon because of the previous reason, two assignments due next week, one’s going to be a bitch, the other one should be ok.

And the reason why a majority of this is happening?
– I have poor time management skills
– I let myself get distracted and procrastinating
– Leaving stuff last minute even though I told myself I wouldn’t
– Agreeing to events even though I know I probably won’t finish things in time, not because I don’t have time, but because I let myself think there’s heaps of time.

Sighhhhhh why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?
Helen go home straight after uni, sleep on the train if you can, do ITOM, nap, eat, ITOM, shower, ITOM. Or something like that, FOCUS ON ITOMMMMM!

I’ll make a happy post later, yes I know the last few have been a bit rawr rawr, but there have been good things and funny stories =]P. But right now I’m just…

Helen ♥

Feb 10, 2011


So we watched Titanic 3D: Ghosts of the Abyss for free today. It was pretty good, I really like the argument about courage and determination being the character of the individual and not the group.

I need to wake up early to make a Valentine’s Day booking, I really really hope that they’re not fully booked cause I want this to make it amazing =]. And me being me, I have several back up plans if this falls through, but hopefully it won’t. Parents will probably murder me if they found out how much it is… But they don’t have to know =]P. Hopefully the food and the views will be amazing.

It’s kinda funny the things that motivate you to do something.

Fingers Crossed,
Helen ♥

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