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Jul 19, 2011

So Far…

I think I know the answer to my question, well it’s more of a ‘I choose to believe this’, but I think you’ve changed, you’ve matured and you’ve grown up.

I know there’s been skeptism but I think it’s in the past =].

Now to things that’s been happening:
– Got a job =D, my training starts on Thursday =O
– I shot in my first real competition, came second in my grade for Air Pistol… out of two people XD
– Enjoyed a few games at Grace’s, The Settlers of Catan is a pretty awesome game!
– And celebrated Nathan’s 20th on the weekend, which was awesome! We drank, said a lot of crazy things, got kicked out, hung out outside a church, said a lot more crazy things, ran around, sang on the corner of a street, had people threaten to bash me especially Nathan and Nathan, who were both apparently threatening me on brandon’s behalf and walked home from Granville.

YAY 2nd XD

YAY 2nd XD

Helen β™₯

Mar 4, 2011

Pretty Red

I remember back in high school I always told to myself that I wasn’t the type of girl that would be bowled over by flowers or any romantic things.
But you know what, I am =], and it’s not the present, but the gesture.

It really touches me that someone cared enough to surprise me with flowers, and I really was surprised.
And it made me laugh, in a good way =]P, that a friend would forced us back together so he could take a picture. And I really do appreciate that he did that for us =].

So thank you Brandon for the roses,
thank you Nathan F for the photo,
and thank you Nathan S for the boxes =]P.

One Month β™₯

One Month β™₯

Helen β™₯

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