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Jan 4, 2014

Welcoming 2014!

So tired right now, but an not asleep, obviously not the smartest person awake right now =P!

So 2014, what will you bring?
Super study! Which I’m currently failing! I have an exam in less than 4 weeks, and I’m still slacking off!!!! I don’t even know if it’s booked properly =.=”””. I technically never received a confirmation email, but I did receive a confirmation receipt, soooo maybe? I’ll check when I’m in the office.

The end of the year was not too long ago, I spent it at Ed’s with a few high school friends and a few of her/boyfriend’s friends. Unfortunately not with Brandon. It was a good night, though we missed the end of the fireworks because we almost lost the cat haha. Kodali bears the battle scars of the struggle,  but we did get the cat back inside, so win!

Maybe that struggle symbolises the year we’ll have making the choices between the shiny pretty things and the fight to save the world and creatures great and small!
Or it could just be a year filled with crazy blogging. Only time shall tell!

Ams the tired,
Helen ♥

Jan 2, 2012

What a way…

… to start the new year.

What is it to know, what lies in the depths of ones’ heart?

Helen ♥

Jan 2, 2011

I can’t help…

But want to scratchhhhhhh ><
Damn these mosquito bites, damn them all to hell.
Though I have to admit it was totally worth it, cause I got to shoot an air pistol =D.

Oh and the stars are amazing up at Brooklyn near Hawkesbury River.
The first set of stars I saw was orion’s belt, and then I had to whip out google sky map for the rest.
I should work towards learning more stars and constellations.

Talking about working on stuff,
last year’s resolutions.
Out of the 12 goals I gave to myself, I only achieved 5 of them, well really, 4 full ones and two half ones XD.

New year’s eve was awesome by the way, and we made My Tutor Friend 2 so much more funnier when we watched it.
Thanks for an awesome night Yasaswi, Amy and Melda, I can’t wait till the end of this year =].

Okies time to sleep, cause I’ve already dozed off once hehe.
To be continued…

Helen ♥

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