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Jun 30, 2011

Conscious Stream

There will always be a hole in whole.

Moments are fleeting,
they’re felt once,
and then lost into a memory fog.
If you could only hold onto a few,
Which moment would you hold on to?
Which should you just let go?
And how do you know there won’t be better moments?
Or that you’ve already let go of something you didn’t realise was precious?

One-tenth compared to that one time,
two one-tenths, make it two-tenths,
and eight more times of that one-tenth make it a whole.
If that’s how it’s measured, does that make everything on par?

Nothing’s ever little, it’s just a piece of something bigger,
and when those pieces are collected and they fall into place,
only then, do you realise, that something was bigger than first thought.

Liquid courage,
oh how often it is turned to.
Does it provide the comfort that is already thought to be there?
Is it to be leant on gently?
Or relied upon fully?

Ahh, sleep beckons,
I must comply.
Fare thee well!

Kicking myself for forgetting yesterday,
Helen ♥

Apr 1, 2011


Is there a switch?

Helen ♥

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Dec 17, 2010


So here I am waiting at the station for Yasaswi…
hahahahahahhaha I just found out I wasn’t suppose to be at the station waiting for Yasaswi until the afternoon… Whoops.
But she’s still coming out, yayyyyyyy =].

So I went up to Nelson Bay for a few days and it was pretty awesome.
Well there were a few dramas here and there but that’s all part of the trip experience.

I’m curious,
how long is one suppose to wait for an answer they can’t even guess?
And what are you suppose to do when you stop waiting?
Gone through so many different emotions this past week, and I’m confused as hell.
Not all of them related, but I do feel a little drained.
Sometimes I feel decisive about just going with the flow,
but every now and then it pops up,
and I’m back where I started.
I need a focus, whether it be a truth or a lie.

I keep thinking back, about things that happened this year, and it still brings me down.
Maybe it’s because it’s nearing the end of the year, and it’s a time to reflect and reconnect.
Or to hide and party, XD but too tired for anymore partying.

Helen ♥

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