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Oct 7, 2014

Trouble Sleeping

I’m having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight, partly due to hunger (I ate earlier than usual) and the other part from my ticking mind.

I’ve only recently just caught up with everything I needed to do. This Sunday and today was one of the few days where we got to sleep in and wake up without needing to bolt to anywhere in a hurry. I miss that.

August was an insanely eventful month, by the end of it I was a complete mess. Emotions ranged from happiness to… sadness and pain, from ski trips, Melbourne adventures, conventions and new additions to something that had a big impact on my family. It was a month that didn’t end on a good note, nor did September begin on the happiest note.

We’re still searching for our first home which is taking up most of our time. I keep telling myself that things will slow down and we’ll finally be able to catch up with people, but I don’t think people will be around. It’s an interesting situation. I don’t feel as if I’m that close to that many people, maybe it’s just the curse of the working life, or maybe the same differences that bring people together are the ones that are that end up separating you.

I’ve never been a a social person. I think the thing people liked about me is that it effortless to talk to me because I would remember the strange little conversations and would randomly see how someone was doing, not frequently but enough to keep something going. Now that I’ve stopped, because I can’t keep up anymore, so has most things it seems, except for those few people =). Before I started writing this blog, I thought it was something I minded, but I’ve come to realise, it’s not. There will always be the people that will be the easiest to talk to. Besides when it comes to the end, I just want something small and intimate.

Next blog will be less talk and more photos from the past few months =P.

Clearing my mind,
Helen ♥

Dec 20, 2010


I think I’ll always be a magnet for drama.
Whether it be my own or others’,
and you know what,
I’m just going to accept it.

Things happen that you can’t control and
there are peoples’ problems you can’t assist in.
The most you can do is ride it out, and help/pick up all the pieces when it all falls apart.

I’m happy with where I am,
and I’m fine with whatever will/won’t happen,
as long as everybody’s happy =].
It took a week of flighty/antsy behaviour for me to eventually calm myself down.
Thank you to all the people that helped,
haha if you didn’t, I probably would’ve buried myself in crazy thoughts.

Lesson learnt,
don’t overthink and freak out,
whatever happens, happens and
sometimes the best thing to do is nothing =].

Helen ♥

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