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April 9, 2012

Update of Life

Currently on the train to right now to meet up with Brandon for his pre-birthday. I have work tomorrow so I can’t see him =(.

So an update on life as of now. Work has been crazy, but crazy good. The first two weeks I hardly had any time for relaxing, well I did, but at the sacrifice of sleep XD. There was just so much to organise, Diversity Day and Technology Day =O. I’m really enjoying this internship though, everyone’s really nice and they give me responsibilities and expect work for me =). They even gave me these flowers for doing such a great job =).


Work Flowers

I really need to get studying for uni though, I don’t want to fail this one final subject, that would be utterly stupid ><".
My Easter has been the busiest yet, slept over at Ed's, Vintage shopping, Movie Night at mine and now meeting Brandon for a late lunch and dinner =).

Ooo and I got a new fringe, also roses got Brandon =), and seem extra rose cause the florist gave me one for being beautiful =).


And those Coalcliff photos is going to take more time, I just haven’t been able to fix it up yet =(. But they will be, they will =D.

Helen ♥

March 4, 2011

Pretty Red

I remember back in high school I always told to myself that I wasn’t the type of girl that would be bowled over by flowers or any romantic things.
But you know what, I am =], and it’s not the present, but the gesture.

It really touches me that someone cared enough to surprise me with flowers, and I really was surprised.
And it made me laugh, in a good way =]P, that a friend would forced us back together so he could take a picture. And I really do appreciate that he did that for us =].

So thank you Brandon for the roses,
thank you Nathan F for the photo,
and thank you Nathan S for the boxes =]P.

One Month ♥

One Month ♥

Helen ♥

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