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May 11, 2011

Mentholatum Is So Good

I really hope it’s not killing my brain cells or anything along those lines.
So I’m back from China, had an awesome time, and now I’m sick, which explains the mentholatum. I’ve actually got three posts lined up about my trip to China, but it’s a slow work in progress. But I’m pushing to post those on the weekend.

Breaking habits is hard.
For example, I wasn’t going to make any posts till I finished off my China posts, cause I like order and sequencing and etc. Which is sometimes hard to believe especially considering and craziness that comes out of my mouth and the state of my room. But that’s what I do, I find it hard to do an assignment that’s due later over one that’s due earlier. And I find it especially hard to remain concentrated on one thing.

Basically all this rambling boils down to assignmenting.
But this all going to change!
Starting tomorrow, it’s too late today XD.
I am not going to get distracted when I attempt assignments!
I will prioritise my assignments!
I will give myself a realistic deadline that I will actually complete the assignment by!
And I will continue doing all of the above.

How will I do this? I have no idea XD. Maybe it’ll do it in increments. Or reward myself generously when I meet my goals.
But I will do it!

Gearing Up,
Helen β™₯

Jan 16, 2011


Ehh I feel like throwing up ><.
So moody these days, stupid late periods,
I blame you!

At least I got pie.
I’ll work on making it look prettier XD.

Mmm Apple Pie ^^

Mmm Apple Pie ^^

Helen β™₯

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