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September 21, 2011


It took me a few days, but I think I’ve found the root, who would’ve thought that it was just something said in passing.
But it gave a bit insight as to what you’re thinking about, mainly what you’re not thinking about. And everything else is playing stacks on you now.

Funny how receptive women are =]P.
‘Tis a curse and a blessing!

Oooooo and I think I got my money back from St. George, just waiting on that confirmation letter. My dad told me if they don’t apologise for bullshitting, then I should write them another letter! XD.

Helen ♥

September 19, 2011

Life Now…

Whoot blogging from my iPad 2, haha the iPad autocorrected, and capitalised the P.
So my life to date:
– Sent that letter to St. George… They better give me my money back!
– Currently on break, but still have assignments to do, especially SITP.
– Watching Footloose by myself tonight
– Getting excited for the Non-Thank You Picnic, that isn’t really a picnic, just waiting for the call back, save the date guys, Monday 3rd October!.
– Super happy for not getting not penalised for handing in an assignment late.
– Went to Preet’s 21st, which was AWESOME!
– anddddd I still need to do my Tax return XD.

Crying when I’m frustrated or disappointed seems to be becoming a bad habit =(.

Not working,
Helen ♥

P.S Yayyy just got a call from work, they’ll be needing me to come in more regularly =D

September 6, 2011


Don’t you dare say that your ATM systems were fully operational and that there were no system or ATM malfunctions.

Where the fuck did my $100 go then?

I’m going to fight you!!!!!!!

Helen ♥

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