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Mar 24, 2014

Farewell Philippines! Hello Hong Kong!

Ok not in Hong Kong yet, but soon!
Currently sitting on the floor charging my phone for the next leg of our journey =P.

Haha so I wrote the above 7 weeks ago, Thursday, 6th February when we were at the Cebu airport. Little did I know we wouldn’t make it to Hong Kong that night. Brandon’s sinsues blocked up on our descent into Manila for our connecting flight to Hong Kong and we split up from the group so he could recover. We flew in the next night fully prepared with a nasal spray, decongestion tablets, strepsils, tissues, VapoRub and gum, luckily we made it with no pain =).

I’ve been very busy since getting back, trying to stay fit, study, work, catch up so I haven’t had much time to blog or post the photos I was editing on my phone. I’ve edited and uploaded all my backdated photos which is a win so far =). I’ll leave this post with some photos from Philippines and a promise to blog again soon!


Eating at Max's


Philippines Timezone for good clean fun


First day in Boracay - Small Plane, Husband Day Care and Crabbing Around


Second Day in Boracay


Last Day in Boracay - Onwards to Hong Kong, Crave Burgers, Charging Phones on the Floor


Cold Planes, before the descent


To Hong Kong, take two - Dressed warmly for HK weather, Japanese Brunch, Prepared with Tissues and Dinner on the flight

Helen ♥

Sep 1, 2013


I remember once we went bowling, and we had a weird lane that wasn’t working. Some pins had gotten stuck down the back of the lane, and then those pins pulled in more pins and some bowling balls in as well.

We left them there until it became too ridiculous to play cause it pretty much stopped the whole game. An attendant had to go behind and free them. But some of those pins got stuck again, though we left them, cause we tried to move them and it was one of those things where you have to make a choice; to move them and face having it happen over and over again or to move on and put in a work around.

So we did the latter, and played around the pins. I wanted to move them again, but I had a feeling those pins would have stubbornly gotten stuck again plus they weren’t being disruptive anymore and we only had the one game to play.

I won the game =), but we lost as a team to the boys. Next time we’ll beat them!

Sometimes you get a little stuck,
Helen ♥

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Oct 23, 2011

Chill Team

Sometimes you just need do things on your own terms

So this song was stuck in my head at work all day Tuesday,
and I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics properly, just the tune,
which made it really hard to google.
But I eventually found it after much hard searching,
Ed Sheeran – The A Team.
But honestly… I just turned on the radio till the song came up and searched the lyrics XD

It’s really chill =].

I had several great conversations with an old teacher of mine today.
I also discovered singing Alto is pretty hard,
especially when it comes to songs that you previously sang as a soprano.

Celebration Concert has been as great as I have remembered so far =].

Schleepy times,
Helen ♥

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