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Mar 4, 2011

Pretty Red

I remember back in high school I always told to myself that I wasn’t the type of girl that would be bowled over by flowers or any romantic things.
But you know what, I am =], and it’s not the present, but the gesture.

It really touches me that someone cared enough to surprise me with flowers, and I really was surprised.
And it made me laugh, in a good way =]P, that a friend would forced us back together so he could take a picture. And I really do appreciate that he did that for us =].

So thank you Brandon for the roses,
thank you Nathan F for the photo,
and thank you Nathan S for the boxes =]P.

One Month ♥

One Month ♥

Helen ♥

Feb 14, 2011

The Night Before

Happy Valentine’s Day you crazy kids =].
You know, this will be the first valentine’s day where I’m spending the whole day with one person =].

I’m really excited, but I’m also a little sad that our little pre/post Valentine’s Day tradition has died in the last two years. Hopefully next year we can revive it =D.

And I’ve realised tonight, things seem to happen in twos for me, especially lessons and mistakes, such as:
– Giving advice to friends regarding relationships.
– Getting myself into situations.
– Realising something, and doing the complete opposite pretty much next day.
Oh there’s more, but these things have been on my mind lately.

And ♥ Yasaswi and Brandon,
just the best =].
One for providing the calming words =] and the other for ranting with me XD.

Helen ♥

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