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December 18, 2011


Sometimes what you bury,
creeps up on you.

Helen ♥

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October 25, 2011

Cold Morning

Maybe I’m just tired, but you’ve grown to be cruel.
I don’t recover as fast as I’d like to believe.
I worry you too much.
You’ve become entangled.
You remind of someone, yet at the same time, you don’t.
You’re similar.
You try.
You’re better than that.
Sometimes I forget/I’ve forgotten
Caught again.
Which is worse?
You still anger me at times.
You continue to confuse me.
Nothing can be hidden.
We need to laugh at the insanity of it all.
I am tired.

If I end up doing almost nothing at all when I awake from my slumber; that slight bit of something will be my assignments.
I’m letting the team down!!! And also myself.

Don’t lose sight.
But if you do, it’s even better,
as long as you pick yourself up, yourself!

Laugh a little,
Helen ♥

June 8, 2011

In The Event That I Study

Seeing as my going to uni tomorrow will only consist of a maximum of 2 hours of WSD, I am going to attempt to study.

The plan as follows:
– Complete up to lecture 3 of WSD.
– Make notes on the first 3 chapters of the ITOM text book.
– Complete up to lecture 2 of ITOM.

I’m actually kinda excited about studying ITOM, I really like it =D.
The content for WSD and PMP kinda gets me down, and E-Commerce is okish.

To more exciting things, the Manly Food, Wine and Sustainability Festival. I love volunteering for that, cause you get fed. And this year it was even better cause Holly and I were located where there was a low number of people using the bins. Also it didn’t rain and it wasn’t as windy as hell as the previous years, so win win and win. You missed out Chi =]P. I only wish we could’ve kept the aprons.

Also went to Vivid again to play with my fixed camera, so I’ll upload those soonish.

I’ve said this several times before,
but I hate being left to my own thoughts.
I hate not being able to shake some things.
I hate the fact that I’ve given up on asking,
because I know the answer won’t satisfy me,
and that asking again only makes me want to know more.
Maybe there’ll never be answers…

Why is good food always spicy?
At least cake will never be spicy. I love you cake, especially cake from Manly’s Food, Wine and Sustainability Festival ^^.



Helen ♥

November 19, 2010

On my mind

Gah. Hormones. Exams. Piano.
Drama. Incompatibility. Plans.
Friends. Failure ><. Rest. The past.
Loneliness. Hope. Adventure.
Freedom. Beaches. Parties..
Messages. Conversations. Rawrr.
TV shows. Heat. Relapses. Food.
private LinkedList<Player> players = new LinkedList<Player>();.
Stupid tokenizer. GUIs. Dread.
Cuteness of… meow. Smiles.
Inadequacies. Problems. Dead ends.
Loops. Helplessness. Singing. Confusion.
Using. Behaviour. Fairness. Insensitivity.
Annoyance. Work. Money. Sleep.

And it’s a wonder why I’m crazy.

Obviously still asleep XD

Obviously still asleep XD

Helen ♥

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