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March 2, 2012

I Have Returneth

*Awesome music plays*

Not much to talk about,
but I’ve been told that my blog is depressing at times XD.
So let’s try and stay positive this year… “TRY”.

Keeping this short and simple and making up for that with pre-release photos of Coalcliff,
which will be in the next post.
I’ve selected a few funny, cute and YAY photos from the massive 1186 photos in total.
The Facebook ETA for all Coalcliff photos is about mid-March.

Ooo and what’s happening with uni, I THINK, I only have this semester to go till I graduate,
and then after that, maybe go on a trip somewhere or other =D.

So till next time,
Helen ♥

August 3, 2011

Uni Grrrr

It’s so annoying when uni decides to screw you over just for laughs.
They decided to throw people around in tutorials and then remove your ability to make your own choices.

In other news, hanging out at uni was good today,
I was only bored for a little while =D.

Will EAT you >=],
Helen ♥

June 4, 2011

Getting there

Yes! All assignments have been completed.
Now just for the studying of exams, and waking up in time for lectures XD.
Last week of uni whoooooo!

Ooo and I completely forgot to blog about finally making it all the way to Ruined Castle. Yasaswi and I trekked down mountains, across landslides and climbed up treacherous boulders to reach Ruined Castle, and the views were amazing. You felt completely free on the edge of the world. I wanted to shout and dance, and sit still and take everything in, all at the same time. It’s an amazing place =].

Also I’ve finally decided on goals for this year, it’s kind of like new years resolutions, but not exactly.

I’ll leave everyone with the sunset we saw after our quest =D.

Blue Mountains Sunset =]

Blue Mountains Sunset =]

Helen ♥

March 21, 2011

Uni assignments are the BEST… o.o

Now there are usually two reasons why I don’t blog; One, I’m lazy; Two, I usually blog at the end of the night, so if I sleep late then I usually don’t blog :-P.

Recently it’s been the latter, mainly cause I have uni at 9am =O.
So a quick update on all things I’ve been up to and things I’ve learned.

– Started shooting .22’s ^^.
– Mardi Gras parade ;D, I took a sign home ‘Travel Together’.
– Ate at a Japanese buffet with Yasaswi, Ed and Amy, it was good, not the best but that’s expected for all you can eat =]P. I forgot the name of the place though.
– Watched ‘The Adjustment Bureau’, it reminded me of ‘Dark City’, so it was pretty good most of the time when I was paying attention, which wasn’t the movie’s fault, I was distracting myself/being distracted =]P.
– And had an awesome night out in the city which consisted of lots of meat, teapots, getting kicked out XD, pies, getting soaked, buses and taxis and a sleepover.

1. Don’t rub a mosquito bite, it’ll only make it worse cause you’ll rub the skin off and it’ll look like a burn.
2. Always be prepared, you never know when you might need certain things.
3. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily make someone more honest.
4. Dating is pretty expensive XD.
5. Games and bets make everything more fun ;).
6. Couch cushions are pretty comfy.
7. Sleeping late makes you tired, one I still haven’t seemed to have learnt yet XD.
8. Getting wet is pretty fun, but you get cold afterwards.
9. Not telling someone the complete truth makes things easier for everyone in a way… but… it might delay things.
10. Building on that previous point… You can’t fix everything.

I have three due in the same week on consecutive days in week 6; it’s currently week 4 now and I also have two parties before the weekend before they’re due, so I definitely need to finish.
And the week after I have an assignment due whilst I’m in china, for a subject that has a 25% failure rate, so I have to start that pretty soon.
Also, have continue writing those notes I’ve already neglected.

Also this is pretty funny, a combination of natural shading/light, angles and a rifle pressed into your arm can make it look like you havee muscles XD.



Here’s to keeping up; socially, academically, physically, romantically and mentally,
Helen ♥

February 27, 2011


I’m really going to have to try to sleep early.
Uni resumes this week with a fantastic 9am start on Monday and I’m already lacking sleep the weekend before it.

Ooo and I fixed the mixed up album thumbnails on my phone; I just deleted all the .thumbnail folders on the SD card and voila, it’s faster too ^^.

Here’s to the slightly less than four hours sleep I’m getting tonight =]P.

Helen ♥

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