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February 20, 2016

I’ve Still Got Energy

I’ve just left one birthday drinks and I’m on my way to a Hens, and I’ll end my night at karaoke for another friend’s birthday celebrations (hopefully!). This it’s probably the busiest Saturday I’ve had so far, I’ve been up since 8am, and I only had a break because we had to eat lunch.

I’ve actually got three posts in draft about our Oyster Degustation Adventure, right now it’s just words vomit because I didn’t want to forget anything, but once I clean it up, I’ll post it with fun photos =).

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Helen ♥

June 21, 2014

Getting Old

Ohhh man bad choice today. Wore an old favourite skirt in a hurry because no other skirts fit me anymore. Wayyyyyyy too short for me, I feel like I’m upskirting everyone as I walk T.T.


On a happier note I’m getting the Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH52! It just shipped!

On a sadder note, late for Brandon’s soccer game due to my skirt debacle =/.

Had a good dinner last night at Felix’s though. We got the Roast pasture fed rib-eye, triple cooked pomme pont neuf,  Bordelaise sauce  and sautéed mushrooms and the Pomme puree for a side . We mainly went for the hot chips which was highly recommended by Hot Chips Blog.


The chips were amazingly fried, only needed a little extra salt if you weren’t having it with the sauce. The pomme puree was fantastic, it was my favourite dish! The rib-eye was cooked perfectly, and there were a lot of cuts, though it was ruined by the fat running through some of the cuts which made it chewy and hard to cut. I usually don’t mind fat too much (that’ll will probably kill me one day), but the knives weren’t sharp enough to cut through it. I would’ve loved to try the dessert, but we were walk-ins, so we had to finish by 7.
Also got the Almond and Pineapple mocktail (I think?) that tasted like it should have alcohol, but it didn’t =O. It was pretty nice.

It was Joseph’s Birthday as well, so we met up with him and friends and went to Star Bar. It was the first time I’d been since the renovation and it looked pretty swanky. The design of the bar made me feel like it needed sunlight to really tie it together haha. So drink pic the night, and the only drink of the night for Brandon and I, the fishbowl! Tasted great!


Oh and had our last official ES grad activity before we have our “graduation”. Half of us volunteered for OzHarvest, cooking for a cause. It was great fun! And I must say we are all amazing cooks ;D. The walk by myself there was a little ominous but interesting =P.



Almost forgot went to Supernova last weekend with Ranjini, heaps of fun!


And just oiled my Shwoods with walnut oil! Sexy!


That’s it for the week! Training all week next week yay!!!!

Helen ♥

July 19, 2013

Mid Year

Whoa have not posted in more than forever, and I was going so well too! Had a whole one post per month happening =(.

Quite a fair but has happened;
– Became a victim a credit fraud
– Went to the wedding of someone from uni (photos which I am still editing months later =()
– Travelled around Australia
– Got real work from work
– Began playing RoB to beat the boyfriend
– Joined a gym
– Was told I have a sideways curved spine =(
– Purchased my beautiful camera, which I can’t remember if I mentioned
– Joined the work boot camp
– Internal soccer final tomorrow

And still to come;
– Games Day!!
– Snow trip
– J4G Day
– Bank Holiday
– and most definitely sleep haha

I want to post more, but it’s always t good to stay off small =).

Also need to buy me some sports tights!

Sleep is for the weak,
Helen ♥

July 8, 2012

Shoes =D

Some pretty cool people made me these shoes =D.


Once Upon A Time

Also whoot Games Day III in a few hours, and seeing Joseph off and Skiing/Snowboarding Trip in a few days, then our completely Romantic Winter Escape with a fireplace (yay fireplace =]), a surprise, then Movie Night, then our 18th month anniversary (which I almost forgot XD… I was a month behind) and last but not least JEANS FOR GENES DAY; phew.

Helen ♥

December 18, 2011

Train Rides

So I haven’t really updated since last month.
It’s been a little busy since exams finished.

Here’s a dot point summary:
– Went down the coast
– Was surprised for my birthday =D
– Nathan and Chi’s Birthday Cruise 😛
– Staying at an apartment a few days
– Billy and Moonie’s 21, complete with a jumping castle
– Brad’s 21st
– and a lot of hanging out with people.
It doesn’t look like much, but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to sleep in, in days XD.

And I think my GPA went up, which hopefully means I did well this semester ;).
I find out on Tuesday, I think.

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been deceiving myself as of late.
Or maybe I’m just overthinking things, maybe I’m not and letting things slide…

Almost at Town Hall, byeeeeee,
Helen ♥

September 23, 2011

Should really be asleep XD

This is a reminder for Helen to:
Remember to send the two emails to work
Call the kayaking place
Go back to sleep when she gets home XD
– Work on SITP, NM, STQM and Innovations
– Work out money expenditure for the next three months
– Pack an emergency kit
– Train myself to remember certain things
– Book an appointment

      Last Updated: 23rd August, 2011; 11.54am

Oo finally ended up submitting my tax return, $18 here I comeeeeee XD, had to do two previous tax returns as well that night, very productive ^^.

And I learnt something amazing today, ADJ stands for adjustment XD. Sometimes things are more simplistic than expected :-P.

Hmm, what exciting things have occured this week?
Well; experienced a blackout at shooting, garage got broken into, we got pulled over by the police, got a chance to catch up with Alice yayyyyy!, got to spend time with Brandon yes it’s still exciting =D, haha saw Yasaswi heaps, YAY bought a cool jumper thingy thingo XD and is possibly buying a coffee table soon :-P.

This week has jumped between yay to naw to ='( to damnnit and to gah?, but it’s all coming together again so yayyy I’m back to being excited for the exam timetable release in two weeks.

And here’s a teaser, remember that surprise? It’s is still in the works :-P. You thought I forgot about that didn’t you? There’s a clue, blaringly obvious clue. Good luck!

Helen ♥

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