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Feb 15, 2011

View To Die For =]

YAY Valentine’s Day,
awesome sights, pretty lights and more mosquito bites ;D.

Cafe Sydney

Cafe Sydney

We started off in Cafe Sydney, Brandon had the Swordfish and I had the Pork Belly. Oh god the swordfish was awesome, I put it in my mouth and I was like ok, this tastes nice…
And my Pork Belly, mmmm fatty pig ^^.

There was a bit of mashed potato with our dishes…
WOW, just wow, I really wished that we ordered mash as sides too, oh well, next time =]P.

Opera Bar

Opera Bar

The chips were pretty awesome and my Dark Chocolate pave was delightful, you have to eat it with the ice cream though, otherwise it’s too much.
Since I brought a picnic rug along, we went to Royal Botanic Gardens until they shooed us out XD.

Had ‘normal’ food for dinner as Brandon put it =]P. Fish and chips at the Opera Bar, the servings were huge and there was live music that we occasionally sang along to =].

I loved the fact that Billy Jean was sung for Valentine’s Day =D.
Again the view was awesome, I don’t think you can ever say this too much, but PRETTTTTTTTY LIGHTS =]P.

Also got my braces off today, wearing my retainer right now =]P.
And because I have sliding mirrored wardrobe, every time I see myself in the mirror I just smile to see what it looks like.

Don’t judge meeeeeeeeeeeeeee =]P.


Helen β™₯

Feb 14, 2011

The Night Before

Happy Valentine’s Day you crazy kids =].
You know, this will be the first valentine’s day where I’m spending the whole day with one person =].

I’m really excited, but I’m also a little sad that our little pre/post Valentine’s Day tradition has died in the last two years. Hopefully next year we can revive it =D.

And I’ve realised tonight, things seem to happen in twos for me, especially lessons and mistakes, such as:
– Giving advice to friends regarding relationships.
– Getting myself into situations.
– Realising something, and doing the complete opposite pretty much next day.
Oh there’s more, but these things have been on my mind lately.

And β™₯ Yasaswi and Brandon,
just the best =].
One for providing the calming words =] and the other for ranting with me XD.

Helen β™₯

Feb 11, 2011

Plan B

Sooo I woke up early, and I called,
but it was all booked out.
Well I kinda expected it since it was the first time this was happening, and it had already been advertised more than a week ago.

Luckily I had a plan B,
So I’ve implemented that, gotten a booking for lunch, an idea for the time inbetween and hopefully dinner won’t be too crowded.
I really hope we have outside seats for lunch ^^, but I don’t think people will be very willing to give them up ><.

I feel as if I’m holding back, and that I’m not doing the best that I can because of my own petty thoughts. I really want to rise above this and be what I’m expected to be, what I know I can be, but there’s so much I don’t understand.
I don’t understand why,
and that’s probably one of the things that’s stopping me from letting this go.

This is stupid, I’m not going to let you win, I’m not going to let my frustration for you stop me from helping someone else.
From today I’m letting this go.
I’m going to stop myself from worrying about you, trying to understand you, I’m going to stop letting you occupy my conversations and thoughts.
I’m not going to let what you do distract or worry me.
Because you’re not worth it, what you do, what you’re like, is no concern of mine anymore.

If you wish to continue on your path of destruction then so be it, I’m not going follow and be petty like you. That’s something I’ve left behind and I sure as hell won’t go backwards and let myself get caught up in that stupidity and childish behaviour again.

I’ve tried, and I’ve given you chances, but I’ve realised now, it’s not about you, it’s about everyone else, and I’m not going to let you affect my relationship with them. Each time I talk about you, let you worry me; I’m becoming like you.
So I’m going to stop.

Helen β™₯

Feb 10, 2011


So we watched Titanic 3D: Ghosts of the Abyss for free today. It was pretty good, I really like the argument about courage and determination being the character of the individual and not the group.

I need to wake up early to make a Valentine’s Day booking, I really really hope that they’re not fully booked cause I want this to make it amazing =]. And me being me, I have several back up plans if this falls through, but hopefully it won’t. Parents will probably murder me if they found out how much it is… But they don’t have to know =]P. Hopefully the food and the views will be amazing.

It’s kinda funny the things that motivate you to do something.

Fingers Crossed,
Helen β™₯

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