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Sep 18, 2015

Jumper Hugs

You know that feeling, when you’re wearing your jumper in the sun and it’s just warm enough that it feels like a fantastic cloud of warmth around you.
That’s me right now with my own little hill and my toasted cheese and ham sandwich.
That melted cheese is so good!
Lunch breaks have never felt so good =).


Keep on shining,
Helen ♥

Jul 8, 2011


In bed before 12 whoooaaa, can’t remember the last time that happened XD.
This winter is pretty cold, and I’m glad I can keep warm by cuddling you =).

The last few days were amazing, and you really appreciate the difference from space and support make to a lot of things =]P.

Games day on sunday, I can’t wait, only thing is I don’t know what to tell people to bring when they ask me, cause I have no idea what other people are bringing.
Let’s hope there isn’t an excess in anything.

Can’t wait to see everyone again =D,
Helen ♥

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