2009 – TO DO LIST

Lol I actually have a list of what I want to do before the end of 2009,
it goes like this:

Western Line Station Photos
      Added to 2010 – The year of not much
Mt Annan
       Went with family; accomplished in Any time
Olympic Park Bike Ride… lol Holly and my Dad did this while I was sleeping =]P.
      Finally did this with Brad and Nathan
– Manly Bike Ride
Ruined Castle, hmmm maybe I can combine this with camping ^^.
      Added to 2010 – The year of not much
– Grand Canyon, the one in Australia XD.
– Giraffe Coat Stand, I’ve been meaning to make this since last year ><”
P’s, Soon, very soon XP
      Hell yeh Pro driver ^^; mentioned in LISTEN UP =]
– Hornsby to Berowa or Berowa to Hornsby
– Fishing/Boating
      Boated at Nelson’s Bay =D
– Lake Parramatta
Job, lol I’ve got to fix up my resume first XP.
      At Intersect; mentioned in So Far…
      From the reject shop ;D
Go to Via Alley and Treasure Society
      Took a peek at the ones in Town Hall =]P
Birthday Camp (CANCELLED)
       It was too hard to find the right time for everyone… maybe next year =]P.
J4G Picnic Surprise
      It was a beautifully windy day XD
– Memory Box, in progress ><”
Maths/English Tutor, lol I’ll call them eventually.
      Called, but now I can’t format Holly’s computer XD
Add new hard drive and format my computer and Holly’s computer
      See above for Holly’s computer part
– Skittles Vodka, I don’t know if we’ll end up doing it since time is so tight
– Learn to service the car
– Clear my room more? hahahahahhahah
Wendy’s Secret Garden
      A beautiful place =]; mentioned in Work it… out
– Camping with friends

Helen ♥
Last Updated: 2nd August, 2011; 9.58pm

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