2011 – The Year To Finish Things

Hopefully I will get more than half of this done:

[ ] Ruined Castle with Brandon
[ ] Photos of all my shoes
[ ] Visit Tilba
[ ] Sydney Topical Centre
[ ] Visit Mt Tomah Gardens
[ ] Eat at Benbry Bugers, Manly
[ ] Figure out what I’ll do with myself next year
[ ] Watch all of Star Wars
[ ] Watch all of The Matrix
[ ] Update the photos on my Skydrive
[x] Take a good photo together
[x] Find a pocket watch
[ ] Find a ring
[ ] Find a chain
[x] Find a good liquid eyeliner
[ ] Fold my clothes when they need to be folded
[ ] Go somewhere spacious and comfortable 😉
[x] Go to a drive-in cinema
Yay did this with brandon; mentioned in Technology
[ ] Sleep before 1am most nights
[ ] Get that damn HD, this is pretty much my last chance =O
[x] Get that surprise ready
[x] Prepare that speech

Under Construction

Helen ♥

Last Updated: 19th August, 2011; 3.55am

2011 – Goals For The Year
Similar to a new year’s resolutions.
I’ll open it up once the year has passed.

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