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July 8, 2012

Shoes =D

Some pretty cool people made me these shoes =D.


Once Upon A Time

Also whoot Games Day III in a few hours, and seeing Joseph off and Skiing/Snowboarding Trip in a few days, then our completely Romantic Winter Escape with a fireplace (yay fireplace =]), a surprise, then Movie Night, then our 18th month anniversary (which I almost forgot XD… I was a month behind) and last but not least JEANS FOR GENES DAY; phew.

Helen ♥

July 14, 2011

Day of Games

Recently we held Games Day II, it was pretty good, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the trees were swaying and I think the food was good?
I didn’t get a chance to try it hot, but I’m just going to tell myself it was good.
Normally I’d post a teaser photo or two, but I’ve already done that elsewhere soooooo all you kiddies can look at facebook =]P.

Hmm what else have I been up to… ummmm,
oh yeh watched Transformers 3, it was good, I think, I wasn’t paying much attention near the end though; let’s just blame that on my attention span =]P. The mind can only be occupied with so much. We bumped into Chi afterwards, which was completely unexpected, then again, I wasn’t expecting there to be that many people in the cinemas. It might’ve had something to do with the fact that it was a Tuesday and Transformers 3… recently came out-ish? maybe? I think? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I kinda can’t wait for uni results, a bit skeptical about WSD, but I think everything else should be ok.

That’s all folks,
Helen ♥

July 8, 2011


In bed before 12 whoooaaa, can’t remember the last time that happened XD.
This winter is pretty cold, and I’m glad I can keep warm by cuddling you =).

The last few days were amazing, and you really appreciate the difference from space and support make to a lot of things =]P.

Games day on sunday, I can’t wait, only thing is I don’t know what to tell people to bring when they ask me, cause I have no idea what other people are bringing.
Let’s hope there isn’t an excess in anything.

Can’t wait to see everyone again =D,
Helen ♥

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