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Dec 25, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day spending time with family and friends!

I’m super excited by the day and the upcoming festivities. Not to mentioned I’ve been super spoiled by my sexy boyfriend with Audio-Technica M50 headphones!!!

Haha already starting a headphone collection! He got the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro for me for my birthday last month but these glorious cans top those for different reasons though. I just love the warm (heavier) sounds and how they pick up the individual instruments beautifully . They’re fantastic! My mum says if I listen to my headphones to much I’ll become numb and bored by everyday sounds hehe.


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro && Audio-Technica M50

Had a great last few days filled with BBQs, heat, sprinkling, modified beer pong, board games, karaoke, yum cha, internet cafes, late nights, catching up and AWESOME friends!

Oh I also need to start wearing reading glasses cause I’m olddddddd, and because I use the computer a lot. I’m 0.5+ in both eyes.


Reading Glasses

I should sleep! Otherwise Christmas will never come!

Season Greetings,
Helen ♥

May 15, 2011

China Day #2-#8, April 13-20 – The First Week

Sooo, I’ve gotten extremely lazy, and I’m just going to blog this as fast as I can…
This is how my first week in China went.

Lack of Clothing

Lack of Clothing

Wednesday, 13th
Went to pay our respects my aunt and tried on my brides maid dress. It was a little loose, so they decided to take it in a bit, the beginning of the dress drama.

– Realising my mum packed my tops without proper bottoms, which left me having to wear a long top with tights and chucks XD.
– Got into a unmarked ‘personal’ taxi, so very safe I know XD.

Thursday, 14th
Went sightseeing at Litichi Bay and shopping with my aunts. Had a huge feast with everyone on my dad’s side of the family.

– Finally got a pair of long shorts, it’s hot here at times.
– My mum and aunts telling off my uncles off for giving my grandma alcohol, XD which they later found out was just apple juice.
– Listening to my uncles say the funniest things and make horrible kungfu moves.

After my haircut

After my haircut

Friday, 15th
Went shopping with my parents and Holly. I tried on my bridesmaid dress and it was… TOO TIGHT! XD. We had to force the zipper up, I couldn’t breathe or move much, so they had to quickly send it off to get it adjusted again.

They told us it’d be ready in 3 hours, so I went to get a haircut, it’s short now, and then went back to the store and… IT WAS STILL TIGHT! I could breathe a little better, but my ribs still poked out. Sooo off we went with a dress in hand to the store where the adjuster could get to more easily.

They adjusted it, and yay was finally able to breathe, but truth be told it’s still a little too tight, cause my ribs can still be seen. But there wasn’t anymore time to adjust it.

– Talking to the hairdresser and his apprentice in english.
– Buying my straw hat and two awesome jackets.

Bridal Party and Groom =D

Bridal Party and Groom =D

Saturday, 16th

Day of my cousin’s wedding. It was tiring,and I had no idea what I was suppose to do, and everyone else seemed lost as well and I couldn’t read chinese. But it all worked out in the end XD.

Caught the Bouquet

Caught the Bouquet


– I endedup being the maid of honour, so I held the bride’s umbrella, rode in the car and walked with her down the aisle.
– Also caught the bouquet, which resulted me in being questioned on stage XD.

Sunday, 17th
Went to my cousin’s area for lunch and  and a fitness class.
XD that was pretty fun. It was pretty much the only place in Guangzhou that wasn’t crowed with buildings and people.

– Discovered I still can’t touch my toes XD.

Monday, 18th
Bishuiwan hot springs!!! That’s pretty much all I can say, I can’t describe how awesome it was, except that the service was exceptional, drinks were unlimited and brought around to you, the facilities we beautiful and it was just a fun relaxing day.

– Also had a blizzard ice cream from the dairy queen, mmmmm ^^.

Goats of Guangzhou

Goats of Guangzhou

Tuesday, 19th
Did a lot of sight-seeing and shopping which all involved a lot of walking, my feet felt so dead afterwards XD.

Got to see some pretty cool features of Guangzhou, like the five goats to the left. Apparently my dad use to climb it as a kid XD. I can’t remember the name of the structure though =(.

Pictorials in the Background

Pictorials in the Background

Wednesday, 20th
Helped my aunt fix and computer and went for a bit more sight-seeing.

From China (not really, since I’m posting it now XD),
Helen ♥

Dec 6, 2010


Hi my name is Helen,
and I really want a drink.
Luckily this usually occurs when I cannot have a drink,
or when there is nothing to drink.
Case in point, Home Thai,
they didn’t serve alcohol,
so no drink there.
Also at Ed’s dinner,
I was driving,
so no drinking.

The same seems to be happening when it comes to shopping.
I’m always looking for something to buy,
but there’s nothing I like XD.
Haha which is also the same when I want to download things.

Hmm what else might be a failed addiction…
I can’t seem to think of more right now… maybe later.

Dinner, desert and capitols yesterday was awesome,
It was great seeing everyone again, yay
even though each time there’s heaps of craziness involved.
Ooo and we all need to drink one day!!!
No more seeing each other a few times a year,
we must meet up moreeee.

On a side note,
I don’t know what to get for a friend’s birthday.
It feels as if something’s missing,
but I can’t think of anything else.

There were some other things that were all my mind quite a bit,
but this post is already long enough.
So future posts may include topics containing:
– Regrets
– Annoying attributes/traits
– Awesome attribute/traits
– Loyalty
– Facades
– Patience
– Goals

Choo chooing to the Opera House for the Nutcracker with Holly now =]

Helen ♥

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