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January 18, 2016

Our Little (Re)Treat

The sun is slowly making my shade disappear, I can feel my half my body burning under my clothes =(, so I’m going to make this quick!

Not long till our anniversary trip =), we’ve sorted most of the itinerary and even found a place to have our anniversary dinner, yay! We’re super excited, especially since our accomodation for two nights (1 in Merimbula and the other at Batemans Bay) is only $162.50! Which is an awesome price seeing as most other accommodation would have totalled $300, more money to spend on food yay!

There’s still a few more things to tweak, but so far we’re hitting at least:
–  6 Oyster Farms
– 4 Wineries
– 3 Cheese Centres/Factories
– 1 Two Hatted Resturant
– 1 Zoo
and hopefully 1 National Park

As you can see, being able to save on accommodation will make such a difference. Can’t wait to let you know how it all goes and if we’re able to hit all those places and still have fun.

I’ll leave you with this picture of me trying to fit my keyboard in this perfectly sized bag, alas the zipper was the downfall. So I’m still on the hunt.


Look at that perfect snug fit!


Why Zipper, why =(

I’m also working on a project with the help of my Dad that I can’t wait to share. It’s Brandon’s anniversary present, which I hope he’ll love =). I’ve been taking photos of it so I can show the progress when I blog about it, but because Brandon reads my blog, albit only occasionally, I can’t risk him finding out the design =P, so you will all need to wait like him.

Helen ♥

January 12, 2016

Keeping It Up

I got really sad, disappointed, frustrated and annoyed today. Went to the Post Office to return the thermostat only to find out that shipping was $13.35, the thermostat cost $15.06… =.=”””. So yes I returned it anyway to get that $1.71 back, I was just at a point of ‘argh can’t think, just do what I came here to do’. A smarter person would have kept it, but I was already there so a lessoned learned, BE SMARTER! It better not get lost in the mail because then I’d make a $28.41 loss instead of just a $13.35 loss.

I think I was more disappointed by the fact that I missed out on Fit Gap, which is this 5-6 minute pushup session we have as group to get us away from our desks and be a little more fit. I got back just as everyone was leaving, so I stayed behind and did my pushups anyway. I didn’t want to lose my 7 for 7 streak, it made me feel a little better, but I feel like I didn’t push myself as much as I do when I’m in a group. This week we’re doing 16 slow pushups, a 3 minute rest and then 20 quick push ups, we’re slowly making our way back to to 20 slow pushups, a 3 minute rest and then 50 quick pushups.

Our anniversary is coming up, we’ll be celebrating 5 YEARS together! It feels like ages, I hope we’re both able to get leave and go away on a short trip and EAT SOME OYSTERS! =)

Oop it’s our stop.

Till next time,
Helen ♥

July 29, 2014

Three Point Five

Yay just reached three and a half years today with this guy!


Had a fight last night, but we made up. No highs without lows right =).

There hasn’t been that much excitement in my life haha so I’ve been focusing on my online deliveries! Especially this one, my Hideo Wakamatsu Sakura Carry On.


I’ve already packed it for my snow trip this weekend! So excited!!! Can’t wait to take it to Melbourne next =D.




It fit everything surprisingly, with more room to spare.
Oh and I got the SBH52 I mentioned last time. It’s pretty fun to use, now I just want more notifications haha.

Dinner tonight with Brandon at a surprise restaurant =). He gave me my  present early last night cause I was sad. It was his best one yet, and very Brandon =P.

Actually I retract what I said about nothing really happening with life right now. Things are happenings, I just need to remember =P.

Till next time,
Helen ♥

July 30, 2013

Blood Everywhere

So I snapped today. I was happy in the morning because I was having dinner with the boyfriend tonight for our two and a half year anniversary =) (it was really good, the decor was cosy, the food was good and it was great spending some quality time together).

So I really wasn’t in the mood for any negativity this morning especially when it was a simple request. And so got frustrated and just told then exactly what I thought. I admit,  I could’ve handled it a lot better, but two years of the uncertainty was too long, and I couldn’t sit on it anymore. My hands were actually shaking afterwards. I don’t like confrontations but it had to be done.

We’ll just have to see how it all airs out.

Oh and I’m donating blood tomorrow! It’s been awhile haha.

Sleep is for the weak,
Helen ♥

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