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Dec 18, 2011

Birthday Thanks

I know it’s a few weeks late,
but I want to thank all those that helped organise and came to my surprise birthday.
You guys did a great job and it makes we really happy and grateful to have you all as friends.

Haha I got a bit teary when I read the gratitude journal present and also laughed a bit at some of the ridiculous things that were written.
But thank you all for coming =D.

Helen β™₯

Sep 23, 2011

Should really be asleep XD

This is a reminder for Helen to:
Remember to send the two emails to work
Call the kayaking place
Go back to sleep when she gets home XD
– Work on SITP, NM, STQM and Innovations
– Work out money expenditure for the next three months
– Pack an emergency kit
– Train myself to remember certain things
– Book an appointment

      Last Updated: 23rd August, 2011; 11.54am

Oo finally ended up submitting my tax return, $18 here I comeeeeee XD, had to do two previous tax returns as well that night, very productive ^^.

And I learnt something amazing today, ADJ stands for adjustment XD. Sometimes things are more simplistic than expected :-P.

Hmm, what exciting things have occured this week?
Well; experienced a blackout at shooting, garage got broken into, we got pulled over by the police, got a chance to catch up with Alice yayyyyy!, got to spend time with Brandon yes it’s still exciting =D, haha saw Yasaswi heaps, YAY bought a cool jumper thingy thingo XD and is possibly buying a coffee table soon :-P.

This week has jumped between yay to naw to ='( to damnnit and to gah?, but it’s all coming together again so yayyy I’m back to being excited for the exam timetable release in two weeks.

And here’s a teaser, remember that surprise? It’s is still in the works :-P. You thought I forgot about that didn’t you? There’s a clue, blaringly obvious clue. Good luck!

Helen β™₯

Aug 8, 2011

Really Must Learn…

… To not let myself get distracted.
I told myself I’d sleep at 3am after I finished off somethings, didn’t happen as you can see.

My justification?
Found some awesome *secret plans*, and that makes it worth it =D.

Here’s a random fact, calculations keep me up =]P.

Post something fun when I wake up later in the day.

Good Morning zzZ,
Helen β™₯

Jun 27, 2011

Surprise two – Open me after you’ve meow’ed =]

And here my friends is the second surprise…
’twas a HTML file also sitting on his desktop,
yes I do enjoy making things easy =]P.
Remember how I said I was going to add more to it?
I couldn’t get a hold of the photo =(.
Hopefully one day =].

Open me after you've meow'ed =] Desktop Icon (Happy)

Open me after you've meow'ed =] Desktop Icon (Happy)

β™₯ Brandon

I don’t tell you this enough,
how amazing you are,
how much you mean to me
and how special you are.
So I’ll tell you now…

Wow this is hard,
putting everything I feel into words.
I’ll start off with little words and slowly build up,
so be prepared for it to be all over the place.

You have the ability to make me smile
even when you’re not next to me.
All I need to do is think of you,
and it brings a smile to my face,
especially when I think of you smiling;
There’s nothing that makes me happier when I can see you happy.
Even when you’re smiling at the expense of me cause of something silly I’ve done.
I fall asleep to warm memories of us,
because they make me sleep that much better =].

I’m addicted to hugging and cuddling up to you.
There’s no better feeling or safer place in the world,
having you hold me close and squeeze me tight,
but not too tight =]P.
I love falling asleep with your arms wrapped around me,
and waking up with you smiling next to me.
We don’t get many of those moments,
and I treasure each memory and chance we get to fall asleep together.

Your kisses are so sweet,
especially when you kiss me on the forehead or nose spontaneously.
This bit is so corny,
but your kisses make me melt into a cascade of smiles,
from within,
all the way to my lips.
And the other kisses,
passionate wouldn’t begin to describe what they’re like,
so I’ll leave you wondering till next time =].

You call me cute all time,
but I don’t know if you have any idea of how cute you are.
You stick out your tongue when I tease you
or when I’m pretending to be frustrated at you,
And no matter how much I try,
it still gets to me and softens me that little bit more.
When you discover things,
you’re so happy,
like a kid on Christmas morning,
and your face lights up =D.

Your heart is so kind.
You always know the right things to say when I’m down.
You don’t place the blame on anyone until you know the whole story.
You try your best to unbiased,
and not hold grudges even when you’ve been wronged,
because you know it’s not worth it.

You always make sure that I’m ok,
and that I’m not cold.
You make me so comfortable to be with you,
that I don’t feel like I need to hide anything.
You make me feel confident about myself and the decisions I make,
and you make me want to do that much better.

Your intelligence is amazing,
I wish you wouldn’t doubt yourself so much.
You make me laugh at the silliest things,
and you can be so bad at times =]P, but I like it.
Your mischief knows no bounds,
I don’t know if I can complete =O.

So you’ve read my mini essay.
It’s entirely your fault that it’s an essay.
You’re just too much for words,
and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

There was a simple way to tell you this,
but wasn’t this way so much more fun?
This some of the things I think about,
when I think about what it means to love you.
This and so much more,
is what those three little words me to me,
when I say it to you.

I love your smile.
I love your hugs.
I love the way you make me feel.
I love your kisses.

You make me so happy,
I hope this has given a glimpse of the happiness you make me feel.
And I hope I’m able to make you feel something close to what you make me feel.

I love you,
Helen β™₯

P.S. I’m sorry for dragging on the essay =]P.

Helen β™₯

Jun 27, 2011

Surprise one – Meow

SOOOO I did say before that I would post my surprise if it was found…
and it has been so YAYYY =D.

This was placed on his desktop, and it was SUPPOSE to be a knote (which kinda like sticky notes for linux), but it would disappear when the computer shut down, so I had to save the note on the desktop instead. This is the first of the two surprises.
So here it goes =].

Meow Desktop Icon (Nyan Cat)

Meow Desktop Icon (Nyan Cat)


=O I’m in your account,
oh noessssss =]P.
What mischief could I get up to?
Do you trust me?

Maybe I did something to your facebook? or hotmail? or gmail?

OR MAYBE… I left you a message some where. It could possibly be my last will and testament. But I doubt you’re that lucky. I have nothing to give to you… except my heart… would you like that?

If you want it, you’ll have to take care of it, ok? I need it to survive. It can be quite vulnerable, even though it doesn’t seem like it could be.
So I’m trusting you with it.

You have to look after it, keep it warm and make sure it stays healthy and happy.
But being in your possession should be enough to grant all its wishes.
It’ s a lot of responsibility, so only take it if you think you’re up to the job.

Missing you,
Helen β™₯

To more surprises,
Helen β™₯

Jun 17, 2011

Almost close to the hard stuff XD

WELL you all remember how I said if I studied I would do this and this and that…
Yehhh didn’t do it XD…
But I’ve almost finished up to lecture 3 of WSD… and that’s considered the easy stuff ><"".
I've also written up the first three chapters of ITOM.
And in the beginning of the semester I wrote notes on the first lecture of ITOM.
SO REALLY… I'm only one lecture off my original plan, and it only took me a week =]P.

And regarding the surprise…
I hope you don’t find it yet,
I still want to add one little thing to it,
which I don’t currently have in my possession… but soon… very soon =].

I had amazing day the other day =].
OK, back to WSD.

Happy studying,
Helen β™₯

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